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"Bridging Asia and the West, Academia and Industry "

The 1st World Conference on Life Sciences and Traditional Medicines was held in August 22-24, 2007, in Espoo, Finland.
The conference was organized and by B&H Biotechnology Co. (Hong Kong) together with the following co-organizers:

  • Consortium for Globalization of Chinese Medicine
  • Helsinki University
  • Hong Kong Jockey Club Institute of Chinese Medicine
  • Institute of Medicinal Plant Development Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Peking Union Medical College
  • Karl Franzens – University of Graz
  • VTT Technical Research Center of Finland
  • Technology Center Teknia Ltd, Finland

and sponsored by

  • Orion Corporation Orion Pharma, Finland
  • Natural Standard, USA
  • Xemet Co., Finland
  • B&H Biotechnolgy Co., Ltd, Hong Kong

The attendees were from all over the world, but mainly from China, India, EU and USA. The speakers represented the highest scientific level in research of Traditional Medicines (TCM, Indian Ayurveda and American Indian Medicine).
The keynote speakers were such esteemed and famous professors as
Academician, Prof. Nancy Y. Ip, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Biotechnology Research Institute, Molecular Neuroscience Centre and Department of Biochemistry, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. The topic of her presentation was Knowledge-based Drug Discovery: Identification of Lead Candidates from Traditional Chinese Medicine
Prof. Yang Ning-Sun, Director, Agriculture Biotechnology Research Centre, Academia Sinica, Taiwan. His presentation was Effects of Phytocompounds and Herbal Extracts from E. purpurea on Human Dendritic cells, Evaluated Using Genomics and Proteomics Approaches and Prof. Bharat B. Aggarwal, Cytokin Research Laboratory, Department of Experimental Therapeutics, the University of Texas M.D.Anderson Cancer Centre, Texas U.S.A. His presentation was Ayurveda as a Source for Modern Medicine
This first pioneering conference gave a thorough overview of the leading edge scientific research of Traditional Medicines and new applications of herbs and their active components, for example natural cosmetics and functional foods.
Ms. Melanie Zhou, General Manager of B&H, gave the presentation TCM Approaches to Skin and Hair Care and Development of TCM Cosmetics.
The presentations of 1st WCLSTM are available on a CD at the price on 100 euros.

The Western Pharma companies are increasingly interested in finding new therapeutic strategies and active components from herbs used in Traditional Medicines; also cosmetics, food and nutraceutical companies are studying such herbs as sources of new ingredients.
This series of World Conferences will continue to be the main forum for presenting the newest research of Life Sciences applied to Traditional Medicines and will be of high interest both to Academia and to Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics and Food Industries.

Due to very encouraging feed back from this first pioneering event, B&H Biotechnology Co.is considering to organize the 2nd WCLSTM.
We welcome any proposals regarding the 2nd WCLSTM.

Please, contact:
For general information and proposals (also in Chinese):
Ms. Melanie Zhou, General Manager, B&H Biotechnology melanie@bhbiotech.com



Download the Program of the First World Conference of Life Sciences and Traditional Medicines (download)