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Together with Pendiam Co. (www.pendiam.com), a technology consulting company based in Finland, we provide the following services to companies and research organizations in the areas of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and natural products:


  • Technology transfer related to biotechnology, pharmaceutical and plant derived products and their production technologies
  • Evaluation of the right price and value for technology assets
  • Prepare contracts
  • Feasibility studies
  • Scanning and selecting potential partners
  • Search and recommend the most suitable providers for technologies


Through our global network we will find you the most suitable partners for the following:

  • subcontracting R&D in China (including Hong Kong) for Western companies
  • R&D partner organizations (University labs and Research Institutes) in EU for Asian companies
  • development and commercialization of innovations in China and EU
  • production, marketing and sales in China and EU
  • providers of advanced technology
  • partners for JVs and other co-operative arrangements


We are continuously scanning and evaluation of new innovations and products ideas in the fields of biomedicine, pharmaceuticals and natural products in Asia and EU, and can do it for your specific needs, for example if you are looking for

  • new innovations and products in EU which could be commercialized in China
  • new plant derived chemicals and active components for personal care, functional food and medicine, their optimal purification and separation methods and producers

High-level Advisor positions in Chinese bio/pharma companies

We help Chinese pharma, biotech, and biomedical companies to find high-level advisors from Western countries with background in R&D, Marketing or Strategic planning.

If you are interested in an Advisor position in any of these fields, please contact melanie@bhbiotech.com